frequently asked questions

making a booking

  1. Do I need to pay a deposit? arrow_drop_down

    All students are required to pay £250 deposit across our sites and is fully refundable upon check-out.

  2. What does being a guarantor mean? arrow_drop_down

    All students who wish to take up our rent installment plan are required to provide a UK guarantor (excludes the Isle of Man and Channel Islands).

    By agreeing to be a guarantor, you are signing a legal document stating that you agree to pay the rent and guarantee the behaviour of the resident if they default. Please do not sign this agreement if you do not wish to take on this responsibility.

    Any student who does not have a UK guarantor will be required to pay the full year’s rent upon application.

  3. Do I have to be a student to live with true? arrow_drop_down

    To take out a tenancy with us you need to be eligible for council tax exemption. This applies to all full-time students and some part-time students. If you’re unsure, your university or college should be able to let you know.

  4. How can I make a booking? arrow_drop_down

    You can book direct with true using our online booking service on this website. 

    In order for a direct booking to be confirmed, all required documents must be returned including a guarantor agreement, tenancy agreement, deposit payment and provision for your rent payments. Any incomplete or incorrect applications will not be accepted. A booking will only be confirmed by true once all the necessary documentation has been supplied.

  5. What is the cancellation policy? arrow_drop_down

    If you book your room before 31st July there is a 14 day cooling off period. After the 31st July, the cooling off period becomes 48 hours.

    If you cancel within 14 days (or 48 hours after 31st July), you are entitled to a full deposit refund.

    Once you have booked and the 14 days has elapsed (or 48 hours after 31st July), you are bound into a legal licence agreement which requires you to pay the rent for the full period of the licence agreement.

    If you wish to cancel your booking once the 14 days (or 48 hours after 31st July) you will remain liable for the contractual obligations laid out in the Tenancy Agreement unless you can offer proof you fit any of the following criteria:

    • you fail to get the results to attend that City and university you selected
    • your VISA is declined
    • Or you choose to move to another City where we are yet to have a true accommodation.

    In some cases we're willing to cancel the booking if a replacement tenant is found who will take on the full rent liability. This decision will be made by the management team at their discretion.

  6. I only have a conditional offer from university. Can I still book at true? arrow_drop_down

    Yes! You can secure your room with a £250 deposit and if you don't get into university or decide to go to a city where there is no true accommodation your deposit will be refunded.

  7. I have loved my first year at true, how do I book for year two/three? arrow_drop_down

    As soon as our prices are available you'll be able to rebook your room, just look out for posters around site and speak to the team. 

  8. How do I rebook? arrow_drop_down

    To rebook you can either come and speak to the team in reception, or log into your online account.

  9. Can I book with friends? arrow_drop_down

    Yes! You can book with friends and we'll try our best to position your rooms as close to one another as possible.

international students

  1. Visa Information arrow_drop_down

    If you are a foreign national, in order to take up your offer at your preferred university, you will need a UK student visa. For more information please visit the UK Council for International Student Affairs website.

  2. Bank Accounts arrow_drop_down

    Whilst living in the UK, you will find it a whole lot easier having a UK bank account. Many British banks offer students a range of deals for setting up an account, so do a little research before making a final decision. Here are some options to help you get started browsing:

  3. Mobile Phones arrow_drop_down

    If you are an international student coming from abroad, we recommend buying a UK SIM card for your phone to help keep bill costs down. 

    There are two options you can choose from if you are looking to set up your phone here in the UK. 

    • Pay-as-you-go - This is the easier option as most phone providers offer SIM cards that allow you to top your phone up as and when you need too
    • Contracts - If you haven’t lived in the UK, starting a contract may prove more difficult but there are a range of providers who offer different deals so shop around before making a decision. 

    Here are some UK phone providers to help you get started, however talk to any of our staff who will be able to help:

    • EE
    • O2 - As an O2 customer you can receive priority tickets to gigs and events across the UK
    • Vodafone
    • Three
  4. Registering with the NHS (National Health Service) arrow_drop_down

    It is important that whilst you are living in the UK that you register with a doctor. As a full-time student, you may qualify for free NHS treatment. Depending on which university you are with, they will be able to provide you with details of medical and dentistry practices in the area.

rent and payments

  1. When do I pay my rent? arrow_drop_down

    Our rent dates and amounts are set out clearly on the website and within our application literature. 

    Please note: your rent may be due before the contract begins and the dates may not coincide with student loan dates. This should be taken into consideration when planning your accommodation as late payments may be subject to interest charges and, in some cases, legal action against the resident and their guarantor.

about your room

  1. Do I need to take out contents insurance? arrow_drop_down

    No, you do not. Contents insurance is automatically included with your rent. When you arrive we’ll provide you with details of the policy and, if you need anything extra adding to the cover, you can contact the provider to make an upgrade.

  2. Can I connect to the internet? arrow_drop_down

    Absolutely. A super fast, 100mb internet connection is included in your rent and is available in every true bedroom and in all communal zones.

  3. What does fully-furnished kitchen mean? arrow_drop_down

    true design homes that provide everything you need to enjoy living with us. Our apartments and suites come kitted out with all your cooking appliances: cooker, hob, oven, fridge, and microwave. We can also provide on request a true starter pack which contains amongst other things cutlery, crockery and cooking utensils!

general questions

  1. Do I need to move out during the holidays? arrow_drop_down

    Your true contract is for a fixed length of time – so your room is yours throughout that period. That means that you don’t have the hassle of moving your belongings out during the Christmas or Easter vacations, and you can choose to stay in your property over these holidays if you want. It’s usually possible to book additional accommodation over the summer period if you want to stay then too. But we advise booking early to ensure rooms are available.

    Why not book for 2 or 3 years and lock in your rate for the duration of your stay?

  2. Do you have staff at your properties? arrow_drop_down

    true has a team of trained staff on site to respond to your needs. Their job is to make your true experience as enjoyable and safe as possible 24/7.

    Our on-site management offices are open Monday to Friday, and will answer any questions, respond to any issues, offer advice and ensure a friendly face is there to greet you every day. Outside of these hours we also have a team of ambassadors on call for guests.

    We also have a highly skilled maintenance team available around the clock. They’re there to resolve any maintenance issues quickly and efficiently – keeping the site safe and secure. 

    While most students settle into living away from home quickly, we understand it can take a little longer for some than others. So, while our tenancy agreement limits how far we can get involved, our people are trained to offer advice that helps residents to overcome a range of issues.

  3. How safe are true properties? arrow_drop_down

    true takes safety seriously. We have a dedicated member of staff or security guard on-site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to give our residents peace of mind.

    Electronic door entry systems, intercoms and CCTV ensure that everyone who lives with us benefits from the highest security standards, so the only thing they have to worry about is enjoying themselves.

  4. What happens if I have a maintenance problem? arrow_drop_down

    true has a dedicated maintenance team to respond to and solve your maintenance issues. We respond to every issue quickly and, if possible, will complete the repair during the first visit. Of course, this isn’t always possible and there are times when parts need to be ordered or external contractors arranged. When this happens, we’ll keep you updated on the progress.

    If you need any further help, feel free to get in contact.

  5. When is the Welcome Hub open? arrow_drop_down

    The Welcome Hub is open Monday - Friday from 9am until 5pm.

    Our true ambassadors are on call 24/7 so if you need anything, simply call the emergency number.

  6. What is there to do at true Newcastle? arrow_drop_down

    The real question is what isn't there to do at true Newcastle! Here are just a few of the ways in which we give our residents a truly unforgettable experience during their stay:

    • Weekly events calendar
    • A picture house with regular movie nights
    • Sky lounges with ping pong, pool and table football 
    • Bookable private dining rooms 
    • Gaming caravan 
    • Karaoke room
  7. Is food and drink available on-site? arrow_drop_down

    true Newcastle does not have any on-site food and drink facilities as we're lucky enough to have some of the city's best bars, pubs and restaurants located right on our doorstep. You'll be spoiled for choice every time you feel peckish.

  8. How do I get to know people at true? arrow_drop_down

    Our communal zones and weekly events calendar mean that getting to know like-minded people at true won't be an issue! Keep an eye on our social media channels to see what we get up to. 

  9. Can I bring pets? arrow_drop_down

    Unfortunately not, no! 

welcome pack

  1. What’s included in the true ultimate welcome pack? arrow_drop_down

    We love to treat our guests, that’s why we gift every one of them with a hamper worth £250 full of the following brand new, epic goodies:

    • 1 x dinner plate
    • 1 x side plate
    • 1 x chopping board
    • 1 x 4 piece cutlery set
    • 1 x breakfast bowl
    • 1 x mug
    • 1 x tumbler glass
    • 1 x 20cm frying pan
    • 1 x 18cm saucepan
    • 1 x cooking utensil set
    • 1 x tea towel
    • 1 x 13.5 tog double quilt
    • 1 x jumbo pillows
    • 1 x fitted double sheet
    • 1 x duvet cover
    • 2 x pillow cases
    • 1 x hand towel
    • 1 x bath towel

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